Saturday, April 4, 2009

My cheap Home Depot Amaryllis Plant Has Bloomed

I bought a couple Amaryllis bulbs from Home Depot a couple years ago for Christmas. I followed the directions, but nothing every happened with them. All I got were these long green leafy things, but never a flower. Then I went to Western Gardens and they had a whole bunch of the plants that had flowers, so I asked what I did wrong. They gave me some new instructions, that included not watering them at all, and letting the leafy things die back, this gives the energy to the bulb itself so it can produce the flower. They I was to put them in a darker area away from the natural light. I didn't do this part, but I got a flower anyway. The leafy part started to get a bit thicker and started to stand upright. (See pic #2).A few days later we saw the beginnings of the flowers start to appear. And within a week, we had 2 very large flowers. They are so pretty and pink. I love them, now a 3rd one has appeared. I can't get the other bulb to do this, so I'll have to try putting it in the dark and see if it will snap into action.

Here's my star flower!!!


I just love it when my animals all get along. But I do worry when they really really "get along". On days when I just can't locate one or another, I can usually end up finding them cuddlebuggin together. And it doesn't matter if it's feline with feline or feline with canine. I really don't know if they know they are different.

But at least they all get along great. Huh??